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  Ron Evans Homes, Inc.

Family Builder - Family Operated
(407)  509 - 1114

                      •  Proudly serving the Deland, Winter Park
                                  and Clermont areas since 1972

                        *  Building in Central Florida, since 1969  *

  General Contractors & Construction
  Custom Homes | Additions | Light Commercial


Our policy:
Ron Evans is a hands-on, owner-supervisor General Contractor.

Our construction doesn't use 3rd party "foremen".

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Helping you re-locate:
We can assist in selling your existing property and using proceeds towards your new construction or commercial development.
Ron Evans offers turnkey
real estate services.

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Architectural services:
Ron Evans offers architectural services,

- Or -

We can build from your certified plans.

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Our Custom Homes, Commercial Building,
and Home Improvements are always a rewarding experience.

During 38 years of experience, we've built beautiful homes and commercial buildings, for many satisfied, proud new owners.
 Thirty seven years ago, we realized some important things:

Building a home is one of, if not the largest investment you can make. Everything needs to be built with the utmost quality; this makes you a proud new owner, and makes us shine in the community.

Offering helpful, cost-saving suggestions, while maintaining the builder's high standards we are proud of, helps new home buyers build houses that are a far step above "developer homes".

 With regards to commercial work, we offer turnkey commercial construction that meet the highest of standards.

We offer Cost-Plus construction; The actual construction cost plus a pre-set profit. Very few contractors in the Deland, Winter Garden, Clermont and/or greater Central Florida communities can, or will offer this method to their customers.

Mr. Evans and family are Christians, and we believe in honesty, credibility and adhere to our Bible's doctrines regarding how we operate, treat our customers, and our integrity.

We welcome prospective customers to check our references, check our background, or license history and our status in the community. We're proud of our reputation, and bringing home more satisfed, happy new homeowners to the Central Florida area, or Deland, Winter Garden and Clermont areas, is what we are all about.